2nd TRE workshop coming up in Berlin

In our second workshop, we will focus on „Aesthetics and Territoriality“, asking questions about how local/regional, national or transnational/European identities are expressed, mediated, transmitted and perceived through radio.
To what degree do radiophonic sound concepts follow characteristics of national cultures? How do they express territorial belonging or otherness? How are culturally specific auditive styles developed and maintained? To what extent limit transcultural styles, such as that of American commercial radio, the development of indigenous forms in Europe?

Public Day

The first workshop day is our Public Day, taking place in the glamorous old GDR radio premises at Nalepastraße. We invite everyone who is interested in aesthetic questions and issues of culture and territoriality in the fields of radio studies, sound studies and radio art.

We will start with two introductory talks from the ranks of TRE. In their Individual Projects, Jacob Kreutzfeldt/Heidi Svømmekjær and Golo Föllmer concentrate on the intersections between radiophonic sound concepts and feelings of belonging evoked by radio. Their talks discuss historical and systematic perspectives on the relation between aesthetics and territoriality within radio research. Focussing on historical examples, Jacob Kreutzfeldt and Heidi Svømmekjær will talk about „The Sound of Brotherhood in the Radiophonis North“, giving us an idea how transnational cooperation in early radio programming was thought, and possibly succeeded in building bonds between publics of different nation states. Switching to an empirical approach on present day radio, Golo Föllmer, together with a group of Master students from University of Halle, will discuss the role of sound concepts in „Transnational Standards, National Identities and International Morning Shows“ on a recently recorded corpus of heavily formatted radio programmes from all around the world.

The second slot focuses on radio drama and radio feature as the two fields in radio production best researched regarding their aesthetics. Discussing the respective histories of British and German traditions, the British academic, writer and broadcaster David Hendy and the German radio drama reviewer and co-founder of the „Berliner Hörspiel Festival“ Jochen Meißner will lead a dialogue about »Radiophonies of Art, Place and Time«.

As the last theoretical contribution of the day, in her keynote „Accented Radio“ Katie Moylan will explain issues of marking national, social and cultural territories by means of details in speech styles.

To finish off this day, we are proud to present a performance programme of a special kind: right between radio art and radio research. „Formal Radio – reloaded“ will first present the original “Formal Radio”, produced in 1999 by Christian Berner and Frank Schültge, as ‘historical’ example of the ‘destillation’ of radiophonic sound concepts in a humorous and sound-sensitive way. „Formal Radio Extra Cheese“ is their own remake, commissioned by TRE, using material of radio stations from all over the world. It is finally, let´s say, commented by Gívan Béla performing a software system on the same audio material as used by Berner and Schültge in „Re-Rodia – mini cut-up procedures for automatic radio listener“, another commission by TRE. The sound artist Jonas Olesen and the radio producer Rasmus Cleve Christensen will introduce that session by playing a mix of milestones and lesser-known experiments in the transnational language of electro-acoustic radiobroadcast music. The focus will be primarily on historical danish radio-art, with an emphasis on the musical and sound-text experiment.

For hints how to find us there please check the flyer.

Internal Days/Research-Time

The two remaining days will be exclusive for TRE members and especially invited researchers and practitioners. These two days take place at Finnland Institut Berlin.

Friday will be dedicated to discussing different theoretical tools for systematic analysis on a wide spectrum of audio examples of radiophonic sound concepts. Finn Markwardt , experienced sound designer and teacher, will give insight into aspects of ‘Identity Management’ and ‘Broadcast Flow Design’ from his hands-on production experience. As theoretical counterpart, the hosts will sketch ‘auditory grammar’ and ‘auditory rhetoric’ as potential frameworks for systematic analysis. They will be supported by the sound engineer and designer Kiron Patka. Subsequently, the best part of the day will be dedicated to discussing in small groups the possibilities of practice-based and theoretical approaches to a range of prepared as well as brought-in examples of radio.

Saturday is reserved for discussions about the best ways of publishing and spreading results from TRE and the partners involved, amongst others in the Open Knowledge Base, the TRE Exhibition and the book publication scheduled for 2016.

October 23rd (starting 12:30) to October 25th (ending 14:00)

Public Day: Studio P4, Nalepastr. 18-50, Berlin
Thursday October 23rd, 12:30 – 22:00

Internal Days: Finnland Institut, Georgenstr. 24, 10117 Berlin
Friday October 24th, 10:00 – 18:00, afterwards dinner
Saturday October 25th, 10:00 – 14:00

First TRE-workshop held in Geneva

TRE successfully held its first workshop from March 13 to March 15 in the beautiful city of Geneva. We were glad to be hosted by the European Broadcasting Union, as the core theme of the workshop was “Infrastructures and public spheres”. The EBU has a history in being a key part of organizing transnational broadcasting for the last several decades.

TRE visits LARM Conference

From November 14th to 15th the LARM Archive hosted its final conference gathering digital archivists, radio researchers, historians and sound artists from all over the globe at the University of Copenhagen. Having similar interests and sharing two prinicipal investigators (PIs), Jacob Kreutzfeldt and Per Jauert, TRE gladly was a part of that conference.

Starting up

Transnational Radio Encounters is starting its activities with a number of international presentations of its goals and plans.

Per Jauert and Golo Föllmer, both Principal Investigators in TRE, visited Tampere in Finnland to hold talks on the history of radio in the light of Finnland’s 90-years-of-radio commemoration on November 1st 2013.

At the LARM Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, all Principal Investigators plus a number of Project Members and Contributors will attend several panels touching on the issues at stake in TRE, while a whole panel will be dedicated to Transnational Radio Encounters itself.

January 2014 will see the launch of TRE’s podcast series, reporting on topics, events and people involved in the research as well as the knowledge exchange practiced here.

March 2014 will for the first time bring all people involved in TRE together in one place: The headquarters of the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland. TRE will hold its first interdisciplinary workshop there, bringing scholars and practitioners together in order to discuss infrastructural changes evoked by the ongoing digitization of radio.

More details soon.