TRE visits LARM Conference

From November 14th to 15th the LARM Archive hosted its final conference gathering digital archivists, radio researchers, historians and sound artists from all over the globe at the University of Copenhagen. Having similar interests and sharing two prinicipal investigators (PIs), Jacob Kreutzfeldt and Per Jauert, TRE gladly was a part of that conference.As a starter, the day before the conference, TRE held a board meeting discussing the project’s outline and milestones, workplans, further ressources / archival matters and so on. During the conference we had inspiring talks and insights into archivist’s issues concerning digitization and exploring LARM’s huge source material. PI Jacob Kreutzfeldt together with our project leader Golo Föllmer hosted a panel on “Transnational Radio Encounters”.

In this panel PIs Peter Lewis and Caroline Mitchell presented their research approach for their TRE individual project on Community Radios in the UK. Alexander Badenoch shared his ideas and a prospect for working transnationally with digital archives. Also, a group of students from the University of Halle-Wittenberg, including our research assistant Tom Leonhardt, presented the outcome of a pre-study for TRE’s individual project 1. The contribution discussed their approach of “Identifying Key Criteria for Comparing Foreign Radio Programmes from the Listener’s Perspective”.

The other panels  addressed the conference’s main issues digitization and archival infrastructures – just to name a few – from different and promising angles.  As the whole conference was recorded, you should expect to find more material and information at the conference’s website. We’d like to recommend you to watch the four fascinating keynotes that are already online.

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