MOOC planned to be part of TRE

We are very happy to announce that part of our project will participate in creating a MOOC (massive open only course) focusing on “Transnational Radio Stories”. The MOOC will be set up at the Dept. of Media and Communication Studies at Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, incidently by the same team that already developed another online learning resource in the field of radio, the Online Radio Master programme, a postgraduate professional training offered in the form of Blended Learning.

The MOOC “Transnational Radio Stories” is meant to take the online learning (or eLearning) options one step further by bringing scientific competences from different countries and universities together. TRE will participate by presenting some of its research’s preliminary outcome, share theoretical concepts and methodological approaches.

The MOOC is set to be held in Summer / Autumn 2014. MOOCs in general are open to the public – so anybody interested might join us then. Also we are working on an agreement so that both BA/MA-students can receive credit points for their work.

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