The Radio Conference – July 7

On Thursday 7 July Jo Tacchi’s keynote ‘Radio and communicative ecologies: A transnational perspective’ offered a broad range of theoretical tools for examining radio as part of everyday media ecologies in transnational perspective, bookended neatly by her PhD research on radio in the everyday material culture of Bristol, UK and current fieldwork on the role of radio in rural life in India. 

After a long day of panels, the conference set up three so-called ‘listening sessions’ devoted to communal listening and discussion of radio work.

The conference dinner took place in the Senaatzaal of the University Hall, festooned with portraits of past professors of the University (who proved an inspiration for some present-day radio scholars), and was time for well-earned drinks and festive announcements.  These included:

- the introduction of "Nocturne" a special 'bedtime podcast'  produced especially for the conference by radio and sound artist Anna Friz.  

- a toast to Peter Lewis, who after many decades devoted to radio will be retiring at the close of the TRE project

 - the announcement he tentative hosts of the coming two Radio Conferences – Monash University’s Prato Centre (Italy) 2018 and Birmingham City in 2020.