TRE Workshop: Archives and Cultural Memory

With the rise of digitization, broadcasting archives are growing increasingly accessible.
National projects like LARM, BBC’s World Service Archive Prototype and BBC
Genome Project as well as transnational project such as Europeana, EUScreen and
Transnational Radio Encounters (TRE) create new possibilities for researchers and
enable new histories to emerge. Broadcasting archives are increasingly relevant as
collections of cultural heritage and resources for cultural memories, and thus also as
objects of ideological mobilisation for national and supranational projects as well as
for minorities and communities. At the same time, smaller, private and commercial
online archives increasingly challenge large public archives as access points for cultural
memory, community and creativity.

This workshop welcomes archivists, researchers, broadcasters and radio aficionados
alike in a discussion of the practical and methodological implications of such archival
transformations. In line with TRE‘s objectives, the workshop focuses on radio archives
as repositories of cultural encounters, and asks how collaborations and clashes
between cultures have been documented, stored and re-circulated in broadcasting
archives, how archival knowledge can be networked to restore the knowledge of such
encounters and how the increased availability of archival material may be used to generate
new transnational and transcultural spaces of dialogue.

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(Tuesday, April 7, 2015 - 11:17)

TRE Workshop: Archives and Cultural Memory – Outline Program Copenhagen 28-30 May 2015