IP1 - Shortwave listening

This subproject in IP1 investigates the communicative attitude applied by shortwave listeners. Its main interest is directed towards transnational listening modes: Currently executed research methods include onsulting shortwave journals and documents on witnesses of different time periods and areas, tracking the use and meaning of iconographic sources like QSL cards and radiophilately, written sources and asking witnesses about their ›ethic‹ of shortwave listening. 

See here for an outline of its topic and questions. 

Latest activities for this project:

(Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 15:06)

PI1 Golo Föllmer visited the ›Dokumentationsarchiv Funk‹ (DokuFunk) in Vienna to find information on the listening practice and ideals as well as technical and infrastructural development of the medium. DokuFunk's head Prof. Wolf Harranth and his colleagues helped to find fascinating early documents in this immensly large fundus. 

On the side, Föllmer conducted an interview with KroneHit Radio CEO Rüdiger Landgraf on their packaging practices.