IP1 - Producer Interviews

Interview survey on packaging production in Europe

Radio experts from a range of European countries are asked to name their criteria and identity markers in international listening examples. It is assumed that certain broadcast elements contribute more strongly to the ›auditory identity‹ or ›stationality‹ of a radio station than others. This study addresses packaging producers as experts in this field to help identify which characteristics vary more strongly between different countries, and which ones are more stable, possibly due to their addressing similar social groups, following similar economic goals or using similar technology. ​

The study's facts in short: 

  • Who: Packaging production experts with a focus on audio producers and editors responsible for packaging. 
  • Method: Semi-structured (guideline-based) interview during which subjects listen to original broadcast outtakes from a range of countries and formats.

Goals and steps:

  1. Describe typical criteria and procedures in packaging production.
  2. Collect and define the central terms of the expert's professional ›phrasings‹ in an attempt to come to standardized terminological definitions.
  3. Identify types of identificatory broadcast elements (›identity markers‹).

Further research to follow this study:

  1. Describe the identified broadcast elements on the basis of micro and meso level analyses using a) comparative auditive analysis and b) analysis of technical parameters.
  2. Categorize identity markers according to characteristics typical for certain geographical areas, countries, listening milieus or other criteria.

Desired Outcome: Deducted models of the hierarchical and dimensional structure of identity markers.

Latest activities for this project:

(Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 23:04)

Four interviews with producers and editors on their concepts of on-air layout were done in Cologne on March 31. and April 1. 2015. Wolfram Kähler from the cultural program WDR 2 and Torsten Remy from the youth program 1Live were asked about their approach to developing and using packaging elements. WDR, Germany's largest regional public service broadcaster, also has a central unit for Audio Design, of which its head, Angela Traud, answered Golo Föllmer's questions. Finally, Christian Wilke of the national public service broadcaster Deutschlandradio Wissen informed about his perspective.