Research Workshop: Networking the Airwaves

The University of Copenhagen, 19-20 January 2016


This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners engaged in research on transnational aspects of national broadcasting, notably direct collaborations, program exchanges and competitions. It explores how the “beyond nation” has been framed in artistic collaborations, how art has been contextualized as carrying national or transnational connotations, and how artists and editors have attempted to undermine and reinterpret such connotations.


Emphasis will be on dialogue and exchange of ideas between workshop participants. The aim is to shape and improve ideas for later publication or exhibition display within the TRE project.

Cases to discuss will be:

  • Radiophonic art in collaborative and networked settings
  • Music exchanges
  • Feature and documentary competitions
  • Exchanges and co-transmissions of city portraits
  • Sonic icons in transnational broadcastings
  • Etc.

Discussions may touch upon:

  • Ideologies and practices of transnationalism
  • Contextualizing the arts in the service of transnationalism
  • Art reworking territorialities in radio
  • Developing and sharing auditory and radiophonic aesthetics
  • Producing and negotiating national stereotypes
  • Etc.


Participants are asked to present their work in 15 min. exploratory papers aimed to open up discussion.


The workshop starts Tuesday 19. January 13.00, there will be sandwiches served from 12.00. The workshop ends Wednesday 20. Jaunary 16.00.


Organized by Transnational Radio Encounters (TRE)

IP 3: Transmitting across borders and institutions