First TRE-workshop held in Geneva

TRE successfully held its first workshop from March 13 to March 15 in the beautiful city of Geneva. We were glad to be hosted by the European Broadcasting Union, as the core theme of the workshop was "Infrastructures and public spheres". The EBU has a history in being a key part of organizing transnational broadcasting for the last several decades.

Christian Vogg (EBU) during his presentation Christian Vogg (EBU) during his presentation


For the very first time TRE gathered all members of the project: Next to  the principal investigators and their researchers most of our academic contributors and all the associated partners were present during the days in Geneva. Both EBU's head of radio, Christian Vogg, and project manager Mathias Coinchon gave presentations on the development of radio from public service broadcasting to public service media, sharing insights on recent technological developments in digital and hybrid radio plattforms as well as the international tendencies for public radio services. Together with representatives of EBU's research department TRE discussed further possibilities for collaboration with the EBU as its archives and other sources may provide rewarding ressources for academic pursuits.

Alexander Badenoch (left) and Per Jauert chaired the first TRE-workshop in Geneva TRE's Alexander Badenoch (left) and Per Jauert chaired the event.


Meetings with the entire project and Ars Acustica

Kate Lacey (University of Sussex) Kate Lacey (University of Sussex)


One of the main missions of the workshop was to inform the extented "TRE-team" about the work of each project. So all individual projects were presented and discussed in detail. In addidtion to that, some of our associated partners presented some of their projects that are closely to TRE's core ideas. Those included for example the Europeana Sounds project and also the BBC World Service's archive, that has been made public with recordings of the last 45 years of the programme. Another highlight was the keynote given by Kate Lacey on "Listening Publics in a Transnational Context", which will be available on our website soon as video on demand. In addition to the regular workshop schedule (PDF), TRE and its partners met with EBU'S Ars Acustica group at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) to present both its work and the planned TRE-platform, which will be an online tool to analyze audio files collaboratively. The platform is based on the CHAOS system, which was developped during the LARM-project that PI Jacob Kreutzfeldt helped co-ordinating. The rest of the shared evening was dedicated to talk and the performances of sound artists Kiko and Marold Langer-Philippsen.

Here are some impressions of the workshop: